The Road Sector in Sri Lanka has seen a rapid expansion in the recent past, particularly in the development of expressways. GreenTech has been at the forefront of this development, engaging in some of the largest road sector projects undertaken by the Government, including Colombo National Highway Project and the Southern Expressway Extension Project. GreenTech has also been engaged in regional level projects such as the Local Government Infrastructure Improvement Project as well. GreenTech is committed to bring about local and regional connectivity across Sri Lanka to ensure vibrant and sustained economic growth. We offer a full range of services that cover the entire project cycle, including; feasibility studies, detailed engineering designs, construction supervision and operation & maintenance support. GreenTech maintains a dedicated team of engineering professionals and road sector specialists to offer specialized services, catered to meet unique project requirements. GreenTech also offers similar services for other public infrastructure development initiatives; including bridges, tunnels, public buildings and railways.

Featured Projects

The project includes the construction supervision and contract management of section 1 (Matara to Beliatta.) ESEP will link Matara/Hambantota by extending the existing southern expressway.

The project aimed to improve access to socio-economic centers in the Uva, Eastern and Northern Provinces. GreenTech conducted a Project Impact evaluation, in terms of program effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, and sustainability.

The project involved upgrading the National Highway network by rehabilitating & improving required road sections. GreenTech is the construction supervision consultant for certain road sections.

The project involves infrastructure investments to improve access to urban services, and to increase growth in impoverished local authorities. GreenTech conducted the feasibility & construction supervision of selected sub-projects.

GreenTech was the design and construction supervision consultant for sub projects that involved developing public infrastructure, urban & rural roads, public & administrative buildings in selected local authorities.


  • Project Monitoring & Evaluations

  • Detailed Design & Construction Supervision

  • Project Management

  • Feasibility & Pre-Feasibility Studies

  • GIS Mapping & Computer Modeling

  • Institutional Development

  • Technical Services & Engineering Solutions

  • Transportation Studies

  • Field investigations & laboratory testing

  • Procurement & Contract Administration

  • Tender evaluation & contract management

  • Operation and Maintenance