GreenTech Consultants is a leader in the environment sector in Sri Lanka, offering a variety of specialized services in Natural Resource Management (NRM). In addition to its team of in-house technical experts with experience conducting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), Initial Environmental Examinations (IEEs), and baseline environmental studies, it also draws from a pool of leading academics in areas of Sustainable Development, NRM, Water Resource Management, and Environmental Engineering. Its Technical capabilities are further strengthened with the use of the latest technology, including modeling software such as CALPUFF™ air quality Modeling System. GreenTech Consultants is registered with the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) of Sri Lanka as a qualified practitioner to carry out EIAs and IEEs. www.cea.lk Over the past 17 years, GreenTech has undertaken a number of key projects of national significance, including the EIA for the Norochcholai Coal Power Project, Development of Basin Investment Plans under Climate Resilience Improvement Project, the Development of National Environmental Outlook and the Protected Area Management and Wild Life Conservation Project.

Featured Projects

This project aimed to protect Sri Lankan national parks, nature reserves & wildlife, by strengthening the park area management & development, with the support of local stakeholders. GreenTech carried out detailed environmental, legal and institutional assessments for the formulation for comprehensive Protected Area Plans.

The project involved the development of policy initiatives and decision making tools reflecting the environmental priorities in the context of UN sustainable development goals for Sri Lanka. GreenTech carried out the environmental baseline studies, institutional, legal and policy analysis to establish the overall trends and constraints and developed key indicators in line with Global Environmental Outlook format.

An integrated Natural Resource & Environmental Management framework was developed by GreenTech Consultants to assist the Government prepare sector investment projects that addressed priority natural resource and environmental problems.

A large scale baseline mapping of Maldives natural resources was conducted through the collation of environmental data. The Maldivian authorities used this to improve climate change monitoring and climate responsive planning

The environmental & social impacts to the surrounding environs of the first coal power plant in Sri Lanka were assessed as part of the EIA study carried out by GreenTech Consultants. This included the transmission lines, pipelines, power generating activities, as well as air quality and air pollution.


  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Initial Environmental Assessment

  • Ecological Profiles

  • Environmental Strategy Formulation

  • Eco-Tourism

  • Wild Life Protection & Management

  • Natural Resource and Environment

  • Biological Impact assessment

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment

  • Coastal & Estuary Processes and RiverWorks

  • Non-Renewable Energy Conservation

  • Climate Change Adaptation