GreenTech is a market leader in Sri Lanka for GIS Mapping and Remote Sensing Technology. GreenTech is fully equipped with both the technical and human resources to carry out an array of mapping requirements for Environment, Water and Urban Infrastructure projects. GreenTech operates the licensed software for ArcGIS 10.1, with a fulltime team of GIS experts, as well as a team of GIS field technicians, who are equipped with the latest GPS devices to ensure the highest level of accuracy. GreenTech has worked extensively in all 25 districts of Sri Lanka, and have engaged in some of the most significant mapping projects in the country including Spatial Information Infrastructure for Reconstruction Monitoring (SIIRM) and more recently the Climate Resilience Improvement Project that effectively covers 46% of the total land mass of the country. Another landmark project is the Maldives Climate Change Mapping Project that developed High resolution ortho images and Digital Elevation Models.

Featured Projects

The project involved a number of studies such as identifying sand dune topography & land use patterns, mapping the degradation of mangrove coverage, and identifying changes in shoreline locations along the coast of the eastern province of Sri Lanka using remote sensing technology.

The project developed a complete cartographic and GIS database from high resolution satellite imagery to aid the development of priority townships along the coastal belt from Trincomalee to Galle.

The project involves the upgrading of a vast network of rural roads in the country, for which GreenTech developed a GIS Database of all sub projects to enable effective project monitoring and implementation utilizing spatial technology.

This project is a comprehensive mapping of the environmental baseline conditions, and the climate vulnerability of Maldives utilizing GIS, Remote Sensing and LIDAR technology.

The interventions identified under the basin investment plan is to reduce climate vulnerability. It will function on sophisticated climate modeling software, using GIS & Remote Sensing Technology.


  • GIS Mapping

  • Network Modeling

  • Remote Sensing

  • Source Data Collection

  • Geo-database Preparation

  • Base Mapping

  • Field Verification

  • Data Modeling