In-House Vacancies

GreenTech Consultants is looking for passionate, dynamic and motivated individuals to join our team to manage and coordinate projects undertaken by the company.

Positions - Description

Project Manager/ Coordinator

GreenTech invites candidates with experience managing projects and handling multiple tasks. Job requirements are to plan, budget, oversee and document all aspects of the specific project you are working on and handle high volume tasks. You will work closely with GreenTech management and specialist experts to ensure that the scope and direction of each project is on schedule, and also work with other departments for support. To work under the direction of Project Managers, to implement project components led by specialist experts.


GreenTech invites applications from experienced individuals in architecture field with knowledge in designs, alterations, extensions, restorations for infrastructure projects. The candidate should be able to work on individual infrastructure developments or on large-scale complex schemes, and will be responsible for the design of surrounding landscapes and spaces as well. candidates for the job should possess excellent organizational skills, ability to efficiently multitask and enthusiasm for working in a team environment.

Junior Architect

A Qualified Person, knowledgeable and technically skilled in following up on Conceptual/ Sketch Designs of Chartered Architect(s) with production of full range of documentation in drawing and report Formats including 3D and other types of visuals when necessary. Skills should include preparation of documents of Schematic Designs and Architectural Details for Client and Statutory Approvals and as inputs to other Specialist Consultants.

Senior Executive Tax and Compliance

GreenTech invites eligible applicants familiar with enhancing company compliance environment through accurate interpretation and timely implementation of government statutes, regulations, and industry policies. He/ she will be working with GreenTech's management and other teams to develop creative solutions to comply with applicable laws while also achieving strategic objectives and competitive advantages.

Civil Engineer/ Water Supply Design Engineer

We are looking for an innovative civil/water supply engineer to design, develop and construct a varied range of projects of the physically and naturally built environment from conception through to completion. You will have the chance to be involved in irrigation, infrastructure, water supply and sewerage and other projects in local and international arenas.

Technical Officers

This job will require planning, designing and overseeing construction of building structures and infrastructure such as roads, bridges, dams, irrigation projects, storm water drainage systems, and water and sewerage systems. The candidate should be motivated, proactive, be able to learn and adapt quickly for the project's and site's requirements.

Accountant/ Financial Coordinator

The Accountant/ Financial Coordinator will be responsible for the maintaining the smooth running of payments, statutory reporting and audit processes of the company. He/ She will also work independently by taking responsibility for their decisions and work and provide support and advice as needed to the rest of the accounting team and colleagues in carrying out business activities. We invite interested applicants to join our dynamic team.

Consultancy Vacancies

GreenTech Consultants looks to source the best local talent and sector experts for the development projects undertaken by the company.

Positions - Description

Assistant Resident Engineers / Engineering Assistants

GreenTech is currently looking for experiences individuals to manage and implement aspects of the Quality/ HSE management systems, control site supervision service, and provide support to the Resident Engineer or other Senior Managers.

Civil Engineer

Experienced consultants in the following disciplines, who are interested to work in the capacity of senior consultants in rail and multimodal transport projects to provide design and construction services; Station facilities/ equipment maintenance/ interface management/ system assurance/ electrical and mechanical facility management.

Team Leader cum Project Manager

Experienced consultants who are interested to work in the capacity of Team Leader cum Project Manager are invited to apply.

Senior Structural Engineer

GreenTech invites applications from experienced individuals with experience in similar capacity to apply.

Document Specialist

GreenTech invites candidates with experience in procurement management and academic qualifications in engineering and quantity surveying.

Bus- Terminal Operator

GreenTech invites a candidate with the relevant qualifications and experience.