The Rural and agriculture sector remains a key driver of economic growth in Sri Lanka. Recognizing the crucial role of the rural sector in generating employment and uplifting living standards, GreenTech has placed special emphasis in enhancing this sector. By offering a range of specialized rural economic, and agricultural services, GreenTech has successfully provided sustainable development solutions to rural communities in some of the most remote parts of the country. GreenTech aims to work effectively for the betterment of rural communities throughout Sri Lanka. For over a decade, GreenTech has worked extensively in all of the 25 districts of the country, including in conflict affected areas as well as with many marginalized communities. Having worked on key rural development projects such as; the Re-Awakening Project, Gemidiriaya, and North East Housing Reconstruction Programme (NEHRP), it has developed a comprehensive, on-ground understanding of the local administration and diverse social demography in the rural and agricultural sector.

Featured Projects

The project involved restoring agricultural income opportunities in the North and East by reviving rural infrastructure. GreenTech prepared the Project Implementation Operation Manual for this project.

The project aimed to enhance household incomes and quality of life in the poorest divisions of Sri Lanka, through integrated project components including; Intra-Village Development and Public, People and Private Sector Partnerships.

The project empowered the rural underprivileged to improve livelihood and quality of life through targeted programs. GreenTech reviewed the Environmental and Social Management framework that was prepared to monitor the project.

The Project assisted conflict affected communities to restore livelihoods, enhance agriculture and build their capacity for sustainable social and economic reintegration.

The Project was aimed to restore coastal communities and enact sustainable resource management in tsunami affected coastal ecosystems and also promote community adaptation to climate change. Greentech has carried out multiple studies and assessments for this project.


  • Project Monitoring & Evaluations

  • Rural Economic & Community Development

  • Value Chain Analysis

  • Livelihood & Enterprise Development

  • Rural Infrastructure Development

  • Institutional Development & Capacity Building

  • Export Promotion, Micro-Finance, Marketing & Quality enhancements